A visit to the hygienist often pays for itself. At Kings Hill Dental we offer you all that you need to keep your teeth and gums looking and feeling healthy.

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When you see our hygienist at Kings Hill Dental your teeth will be professionally cleaned using ultrasonic tools, handscalers and prophy polisher, and Air flow polish EMS. Plaque and calculus deposits found in those hard-to-reach places will be removed and your teeth will be polished and stain free back to their natural colour.

You will also be shown how to improve your cleaning routine at home, so that your teeth and to gums stay healthy in between your visits to the hygienist. 

Clean teeth , fresh breath and a long lasting smile - while helping to prevent gum disease - what are you waiting for? Get in touch to book an appointment today - phone 01732 523500 or email reception@kingshilldental.co.uk

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“I would highly recommend Kings Hill to anyone looking for a dentist, changing dentists was the best decision I made and I am looking forward to my next appointment.”

Colin Donnelly


Kings Hill dentists

Dr. Simon Dumper BDS and Dr Amelia Madan-Dumper BDS