Teeth whitening

Brighter, whiter, teeth for that perfect smile! Safely and easily transform darkened, stained and discoloured teeth into a brilliant smile.

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Tooth whitening changes the shade of darkened, stained and discoloured teeth. This is done very easily and safely giving you the smile you have dreamed of. Please note - all patients will need a full dental examination to ensure tooth whitening is safe and appropriate.

The teeth whitening packages we offer at Kings Hill Dental include:


Tooth whitening at home for 14 days, and then one visit with your dentist to put the confidence back in your smile. In just two weeks you can have brighter, whiter, teeth. A combination of home and in surgery whitening maintains that whiter shade. Package price £550.

ZOOM tooth whitening

The surgery is now proud to offer Zoom Tooth Whitening at their practice. Zoom Tooth Whitening is a teeth whitening system giving you results in one hour which is mainly done for you at the surgery.

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What the manufacturers say...

Zoom whitening is the number one patient requested teeth whitening treatment. The treatment is mainly done for you at the surgery achieving 60% of the result in just one hour with some home whitening over the next 3 days. The system works using led light to accelerate the stain removing power of hydrogen peroxide. You will be amazed at the results. It’s never been so easy and convenient. It is completely safe with little or no sensitivity.

  • 91% of patients have no sensitivity
  • 95% of patients agree the results are excellent
  • 40% better results than a non light whitening system

This treatment is clinically proven to whiten your teeth to 6 shades lighter in just 60 minutes.

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Saving you £29.00 per year and 10% discount on many treatment fees. Apply today.

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“My wife and I are very pleased with the excellent standard of service we have received and would not hesitate to recommend the Kings Hill Dental practice to family and friends.”

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